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A tuning fork,
with its vibrating note LA,
orders and creates
perfect harmony
among musical instruments.

The same harmony
rings out in the matching
of food and wine
at Podere Forte of Rocca d'Orcia. 

The lower part of the tuning fork,
where it splits two ways
and the inner curve
of the accent on the A,

outlines the form of a mystic almond,
where two equal circles meet
with the centre of the one
on the rim of the other.

The mystic almond
echoes a seed, the female universe,
the origin of life
and is the union
between substance and spirit.

Q like Quality.
Q like our Symbol Qui.

This Symbol
the freshest seasonal produce,
and farm-raised stock,
the fruits of the earth,

extra virgin olive oil
and the finest wines
of Podere Forte
at Rocca d'Orcia.

Welcome here, welcome Qui.

We will look after
your enjoyment.

Stories from our land

Rocca d’Orcia was a milestone along the Via Francigena, a meeting point for leading historical figures throughout the ages. Here was where Frederick I “Barbarossa” agreed the terms of his coronation, where the famous Salimbeni family lived here for nearly 200 years and where St. Catherine of Siena and Muzio Attendolo Sforza also left their mark.

Tre Cerchi s.r.l. | Sede legale: Via Borgo Maestro snc, 53023 Castiglione d'Orcia (SI) | P.IVA 01313540526
Ufficio del Registro di Siena REA SI-137640 | Capitale in bilancio 10.000 € | PEC:

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