With Love
and skilful hands we grow
and gather the best Nature can offer,
following her times and rhythms
with the deepest respect and gratitude.
Our aim
is beauty and goodness.
Our moral code is our commitment.
We go beyond the conventions
of organic and biodynamic rules.
Our art is our kitchen,
and your unique experience, here at "Kilometro Qui".


At Osteria Perillà,
we gather
the most exquisite
seasonal products
to prepare
our very special dishes. 


The "Kilometro Perillà",
the milestone of good food.
Freshness on a plate,
prepared every day:
aromas and flavours in every dish.
Here is no short supply chain:
here is no supply chain!
Here is Podere Forte of Rocca d’Orcia,
Perillà and You.
Thank you for being here