The Perillà logo

A tuning fork, with its vibrating note LA,
creates perfect harmony among musical instruments.
“Three circles” is the name of our mother enterprise,
three circles expanding from the centre
flowing like sound waves from the heart of the Symbol.




The tuning fork orders harmony and balance
among the three-sized circles that represent
and the Art of the Kitchen

The tuning fork opens to the right, the future
and faces upwards to indicate what lies beyond,
the path of excellence expressed in its name
PER-IL-LÀ - Go that way.


The lower part of the tuning fork,
where it touches a wooden instrument
at the point where sound is amplified,
has the form of a mystic almond,
the icon of Podere Forte of Rocca d'Orcia.
Here at Osteria Perillà we gather the freshness
of seasonal produce and fragrant ingredients
for our kitchen.
The curve of the mystical almond
is reflected in the two-way split of the tuning fork
and in the inner part of the accent in Perillà.
Our lettering was designed for us
and together with the Symbol
is an exclusive feature of our wealth.


The Perillà logo has been created by Sergio Bianco and Fabio Zancanella according to the Logogenesi codes.

Tre Cerchi s.r.l. | Sede legale: Via Borgo Maestro snc, 53023 Castiglione d'Orcia (SI) | P.IVA 01313540526
Ufficio del Registro di Siena REA SI-137640 | Capitale in bilancio 10.000 € | PEC:

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