In vino veritas.

In vino veritas.
Wine is part of every civilisation, embedded in the history of all peoples:
Dionysian banquettes, parables, business meetings and love trysts.
A journey through one’s senses in the cellar of youth:
earth, vines, grape must, darkened barrels and goblets full of light.
Truth flows:
one breath-taking instant full of perfumes, flavours, images, touch and sound.
Thrilling, intoxicating notes float out
in tune with the universal LA of the sun, moon and stars.
Wine is made by man in the light of mother nature.
The art is to drink to remember.
If the craft is excellent, the wine is unforgettable.

The trill is a breeze, the soft breath of a figure gliding past,
not shrouded in mist but unveiled.

To love wine, to understand wine, you must respect wine.
This is the beauty of knowing when to go no further:
non plus ultra.

We meet.
Our different lives, culture and experiences.
Meeting, we discover other roots in other lands,
and recognise the value and dignity
of the noble riches within them.

You are here
in rolling hills of the greenest green,
a Unesco site, the heritage of all,
adorned with vines and olive groves.

You are here
Rocca Tintinnano,
cloister of St. Catherine,
soul-refreshing springs,
mediaeval village,
and pointed cypresses.

You are here,
where an ancient world looks to the future,
rediscovering what has always been.
The cycle of ethical knowledge
is held within the goblet in your hand.

We are glad that you are here, at our symbol Qui.

In Italy we say “cin-cin”, here we say “quin-quin”!